I’m a product designer with 12 years of experience and an engineering background, currently living in The Netherlands.

I’m a lead product designer at Illume Apps, the company behind ‘Grief Works,’ an app based on the renowned book by Julia Samuel MBE, a grief expert and godmother to Prince George. This app offers guided support to individuals coping with loss, combining interactive exercises, tools for immediate comfort, and one-on-one support from grief therapists. Notably, 93% of users report feeling ‘better’ or ‘much better’ after using Grief Works. We have received more than a thousand heartwarming testimonials and have been awarded ‘App of the Day’ as well as ‘Editor’s Choice’. More than just receiving awards, I’ve personally heard and seen how this app helps people navigate their lives during their darkest moments. On another note, our team relentlessly focuses on driving the conversion rate and the LTV:CAC ratio as our primary business metrics every month, which has resulted in a consistent 10% growth month-over-month.

Previously, I spent years in Hanno, a digital health product house, where I had numerous opportunities to work with healthcare companies in the UK, building digital products that could save lives. One of the proud projects was designing a wound management app. Within nine months, we launched a tool enabling patients and clinicians to monitor wounds, and has been widely adopted by clinics across the UK.

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Thomas' gift is that he can take the fuzzy, blurry images in your head and transform them into a high-resolution vision of your brand, product, and ideas.

We worked together on many design sprints across various industries, with mobility & health being our main focus. The way he interprets ideas isn't just as if he can see into your head; he goes beyond and pushes the limits of what you can achieve together.

Matthew Lenzi, Project Manager at Hanno

Before joining Hanno, I was entrusted with leading a design team at Bukalapak, one of Indonesia’s tech unicorns. At the beginning of the transition to a cross-functional team, I was responsible for establishing a playbook of processes and principles for the design team, as well as developing and articulating the vision and strategy for design, aligning it with the overall business objectives.



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Other than that, I have a keen interest in writing and sharing knowledge. I'm writing a newsletter for designers, focusing on how they can practice intentionality, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a critical mindset.

Oh, I’m writing an e-book and it’s coming in February 2024. I am donating 100% of the sales to a humanitarian project for 🇵🇸Palestinian and 🇺🇦Ukrainian aid.

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Thomas's craft and adaptability allowed us to test new ideas quickly and iterate towards short and long-term goals. A real pleasure working together.

Chris Boardman, Ex-Director of Mobile at Skillshare